January 30, 2009

… or lack thereof. We’re currently watching an awesome tennis match between Nadal and Verdasco. Unbelievable stuff. But it’s getting pretty late (or early). I’ve sort of been burning the candle at both ends and while Kate has the luxury of sleeping in most days she has a human tumbleweed inside her which at the moment is moving like a crazy thing. (Verdasco has just held serve again after 3 break points). People keep warning us to prepare for a severe lack of sleep. If only we could store it up in a sleep bank or something. The cricket was predictably disappointing but this game is worth giving up a couple of hours. Sunday is set to be a cracker whoever wins!


I’m Watching You

January 21, 2009

Summer TV has had it’s usual high quality offerings which I’ve mostly managed to avoid. Instead we’ve been catching up on Scrubs – even more funny if you’ve ever worked in a hospital. Kate’s been hitting the OC and I’m waiting to get my teeth into the first two seasons of Dexter which I picked up the other day. So that and lots of cricket, especially for Kate, and the tennis (sorry to see Tomic go) has kept us entertained.

New offerings that look interesting include the next season of Dexter (which I won’t watch having not seen all of the first two), Flashpoint, Heroes (which I don’t think 7 wants anyone to watch the way they seem to not advertise it) and 24 – go Jack!

Anyone seen anything else that looks good?

I love Costa Rica!

January 18, 2009

I think I’m in love. Roasting has been a blast and drinking your own product is awesome. The Toose Hoose has been hooked on Limu for a while now with most of the family jumping on the Ethiopian bandwagon too. But I think we have a new leader. The Costa Rican we roasted on Monday is super tasty with our new website up and running, ready to take your orders.

Holiday mode

January 16, 2009

I’m still in holiday mode: cruising along at work; a bit of handyman stuff around the house; relaxing in the evenings; that sort of thing. I think it’s a bit of school holidays vibe which flows onto the traffic. My theory is that good traffic (if there is such a thing) means you’re more relaxed at work and it all flows from there. While I say this, it took me an hour to get home this arvo due to some hairyness on Concord Rd – boo! It’s funny how a stressful experience can have such an impact. Maybe I shouldn’t let it stress me so much. Triple J’s feature album this week is Fever Ray, they played a song off the album this morning during which I felt quite relaxed. It’s funny too that such a small thing can have such an impact.

I’m Back – I think

January 13, 2009

Hey, I’m thinking that I’ll start posting again after yet another hiatus. Obviously I’m back from New Zealand. We had a break up at Avoca for a week after my return which was great. Sort of a last holiday before Baby Toose arrives – 8 weeks tomorrow – woooo!

Since then I’ve completed the last of my assignments to finally end this hectic year of study. Now I’m struggling to keep on at work stuff instead of getting ready for the new addition to our family, which I think is fair enough.

In the mean time we’ve adopted my youngest brother Mish who at the moment is in the baby’s room while we try to clear the granny flat out the back for him to move into. It’s been nice to have him around.

I’ve also been getting into roasting with Sam and Guthers – we’ll be selling our coffee here soon. Watching lots of cricket, shopping for baby stuff and celebrating Jesus birth with family and friends, so a fair bit to keep busy with. I have a feeling there will be plenty more to blog about in the near future. Catch you soon.

Leaving on a jet plane

November 24, 2008

Posting from Sydney airport, courtesy of Optus. Ta. Heading to Christchurch for a Spinal Injuries conference for three days then up to Hamilton to visit Mum for a week. Kate finishes school the day I get back, then we head up to Avoca for a week. Sweet!

Posting on Roasting

November 12, 2008

trio-of-roastsSam has already posted on this, check out the pics and video, but I thought I’d put in my two cents.

I’ve just been playing with the lighter of the 2 roasts we did last Friday. You can see our first three attempts in the pic. Guess which was our first 🙂 I’m usually a fan of espresso with milk even if it’s just a macchiato – I enjoy both the flavour and the ritual of making it. So darker roasts are more my style, but this was pretty tasty. I’ve got nothing on Michelle for her tasting notes, but here goes: a bit of lemon and dark chocolate with a really full, syrupy mouth feel with a long lasting, sweet but slightly bitter (in a nice way) aftertaste. I tried the darker, but still slightly underdone, roast yesterday with similar results although less lemony – pretty good for only our third go. If you’re reading this Michelle would you like some of the lighter roast? I reckon it’d be right up your alley.

Roasting, on the whole was a blast. Good times to hang out and another skilll to learn (and hopefully master). Keeping roasting notes is kind of fun too, a bit like taking vital signs on patients which is my sort of thing, looking for patterns and differences. So far we’ve been recording: Date, Time, Outside Temp, General Conditions, Relative Humidity, Beans, Start weight, End weight, Start Temp, 1st Crack Time, Lowered Temp Time, 2nd Crack Time, Time Removed, and Notes. Any other suggestions?