My first step into a larger world

Well, here it is. My blog, our should I say our blog, seeing as my wife also lives in the Toose Hoose technically Toose Hoose 2 (my parents old place in Eastwood being the original). But we’re now no longer bound by these rules of physical location and street address…

The title of this post is a quote from one of my favourite movies – full script here – and it came to mind when finally making the call to get this going. I am currently having the day off to look after Kate (the aforementioned wife) whose contribution to ‘our’ blog thus far involves burrowing deeper under the doona next to me and occasionally sniffing (she has a cold, courtesy of her year 2 class that she teaches at Northcross Christian School ).

I would like to thank Sam & Soph for their inspiration to get into blogging. Can I suggest you check out their blog thefountainside.

Stay tuned for more Toose Hoose action…


4 Responses to My first step into a larger world

  1. SamR says:

    Hey bro – found this through my sneaky tracking software – he he.

    Go forth fellow blogger!

  2. matt&kate says:

    Are you sure you aren’t part geek? It’s still kind of cool that you found it so fast!

  3. SamR says:

    Part geek? Maybe?

    I prefer tech savvy.

  4. Lairdy says:

    Call it what you like Sam, it’s all the same!

    G’day Toose. I’m not as tech savvy as Sam. I just found it by looking over his shoulder at the address…

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