Tradesman Day

I have today off after I finished night shift yesterday morning. I have become rather proficient at swinging my body clock back around using a delicate combination of sleep deprivation, constant activity and stupidity – but it works.

So as I’m home we’ve organised for the wardrobes to be installed, the remainder of the blinds to be fitted and for the painters who finished over a month ago to come back and repair the door they broke whilst here last time (that’s them hammering in the background). A tradesman day!

I’m also catching up with Steve from church (as opposed to Steve from Beach Mission) for coffee. I’m almost out of coffee so I did a quick ring around to find the closest retailer of a decent roast to little avail but I then found 2 Toby’s Estate sellers not too far away in Nth Ryde & Beecroft so I might hit them up when I get a mo’ this morning.

While look at coffee related stuff I found my way around to coffeegeek where they have a very technical but interesting article by James Hoffmann on crema. Have a read.

I’m also hoping to make a start on my 1 Timothy 3 talk for our Beach Mission meeting in 2 weeks. Please pray for me in this. We got into Luke 20 at Bible study the other night and I was again challenged to be careful when teaching God’s people (the Jewish teachers weren’t doing a great job in God’s eyes).


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