More Holidays

It seems like ages ago now but we just had more holidays!!!

After a couple of days hard work down at Beach Mission (which went really well – Praise God), Matt went back to work then took 2 weeks off while Kate finished school holidays.

We didn’t go anywhere – just hung out at the Toose Hoose, watched a few movies and only about 2 hours of TV, played a running Take 2 tournament which Matt won by just 6 points (146 – 140), read some books, worked on the garden (have a look at our new YouTube video – Toose Hoose Outside), painted a triptych for the lounge room, visited CMS Summer School and caught up with heaps of friends…

We had a great time. Mostly because we just got to hang out with each other for 2 week straight!

Gerroa Beach Mission – Advance Party
R-L: Simon, Naomi, James, Glenjamin, Peter, Hamish (Matt’s littlest bro), Dan (back), Matt D, Matt, Therse (back), Kate, Erica, Steve and Jen.

SUFM Gerroa – 06/07

‘Next’ – Michael Crichton.
One of Matt’s holiday reads. About genetics – very cool!

Out Abstract Triptych

The new look veggie garden (more updates to follow)




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