Coffee Roaster

I’ve just arrived home from night shift (the first of four) but had to post this. It was the last shift for one of the girls (Mel – who’s hurt her back and has to change jobs to rest it) so the night staff went out for breakfast in Crows Nest at a little place called Crow Zone Cafe.

I had to order a decaf flat white or I wouldn’t have a chance of going to sleep. It wasn’t a great coffee but they had their very own mini coffee roaster sitting on the bench next to the machine. They had it going most of the time which was pretty noisy and made that burnt, bitter smell of roasting green beans in the cafe even though it had it’s own chimney? It was still pretty cool!


4 Responses to Coffee Roaster

  1. Guthers says:

    thats so awesome – i would love a mini roaster like that!

  2. SamR says:

    Yeah – it’s an air roaster. It’s a cheaper way of doing it, but has some downsides too – The beans are roasted a little differently, and often get used straight away, not given enough time to mature after roasting.

  3. Matt & Kate says:

    They were doing a few loads one after the other and putting them straight into coffee bags. It looked like it was in 500g lots.

    I suppose it’s like the heat gun (paint stripper) and a colander method that Scott L and others use?

    I should have asked how much it cost.

  4. Guthers says:

    air roaster?
    I would prefer a little drum roaster. Just a little half kilo thing.. it would be mad!

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