It’s Official

The Australian International Beer Awards were presented last night in Melbourne. The Grand Champion:

Weihenstephan Kristall

I haven’t tried it… yet!

We’re having dinner tonight with Chris & Nat Swann, friends from beach mission and I’m taking some James Squire Hop Thief to have with some curry. Yum!

What’s your favourite beer?


9 Responses to It’s Official

  1. Guthers says:

    hands down the toughest (and best) question that has ever been posed on a blog…

    Of course – I love the Hop thief… It is very very tasty. I probably love last years version a little more than this year.

    Also high on the list is Cascade First Harvest, Boag’s Honey Porter, Squire Australian Strong Ale, Coopers Vintage (but what year???)

    This is a very tough question Matt – I don’t know that I can give just one answer!

  2. SamR says:

    I’m a big fan of Golden Draak.

    As the page says – a beer in a class of its own.

  3. Matt & Kate says:

    I too find it hard to name just one. I’m a fan of Squire Golden Ale as a good all rounder – haven’t had it on tap yet. Lachlan (also a fan of it) tells me it’s available in Katoomba of all places! I didn’t get to try last year’s Thief (do you have a spare?). I’m certainly not going to stick with one cause I’m always finding different brews that are amazing.

    I think I tried this about a month ago. Is it the one that is like a million dollars a bottle. Geoff had one at Lachlan’s bucks and let me sample it – BEAUTIFULl!!!

    Thanks for commenting boys. Where are all the cool chicks who only 2 weeks ago were saying how much they loved beer 🙂

  4. Matt & Kate says:

    Sam, how do you put links into comments?

  5. onlinesoph says:

    I drink the beer Sam gives me to drink!

    But I’m with you guthers, last year’s hop thief was nicer, although the one I had this week was still pretty good.

    Here’s a question: ale or lager?

  6. Matt & Kate says:

    Ale all the way. Tastier and more full flavoured unless you can find an old world or unfiltered lager.

    You could also ask the question (and I will) of Ale or Wheat Beer?

  7. Guthers says:

    I like the line:

    “Gulden Draak smells of Triumph”


  8. Nixter says:

    I love beer, I went to the Belgian Beer place on York Street last week and had Lowenbrau = yummo. I also love Hogarden – or however you spell it. Yum. I like lots of beer, not I like to drink lots of beer I just like a lot of types 😉

  9. Matt & Kate says:

    The Belgians really know what they’re doing. Especially their monks (Trappist).

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