Toose Music News

A bit of music news from the Toose Hoose. I’m listening to the Kaiser Chiefs recent album ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’ which I bought recently – it’s great!!! I especially like the track title ‘Ruby’ – I sing it to Scott & Kat’s dog (called Ruby) and she obviously loves it – howling away in a beautiful duet 🙂

In other exciting music news The Smashing Pumpkins have reformed (with Billy and Jimmy the only members from the original band) and I heard a snippet of the first single ‘Tarantula’ of their forthcoming new album ‘Zeitgeist’. Awesome! They were at one time my favourite band – still up there tho’. I saw them live on their ‘Adore’ tour when I was in Year 11 – we got floor tickets back when moshing was cool and not deadly.

I also heard today that Audioslave have disbanded and Rage Against The Machine have reformed without Chris Cornell (I realise I’m a little late in hearing this news).

ps. Check out the image on the left. It’s the sheet music to Super Mario Bros Theme – cool!


5 Responses to Toose Music News

  1. Lairdy says:

    That’s so exciting about the Pumpkins – I heard a few months ago it was happening. They were one of my favourite bands in high school too. One of my greatest regrets (yeah I know…sounds dramatic) was never seeing them live. Pity it’s not all of them back together though.

  2. Lairdy says:

    How excited am I – I just signed up for the Pumpkins fan emails. Now it’s really like I’m back in high school…

  3. Matt & Kate says:

    Awesome hey?!?! Do you get anything other than emails for being a part of their fan club. How cool is their MySpace page? The music player and video player – I’ll have to go back and have a longer look around.

  4. Libby says:

    I always think of Scott, Kat and Ruby whenever I hear that song! And I think I would also be guilty of singing that song to her if I was in Sydney as well! I bet they are glad I’m not!

  5. Lairdy says:

    Nah – I think it’s just email updates, but I’m hoping if they tour Australia it might mean being able to buy tickets first. Haven’t checked out their myspace page yet – will definately have too!

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