Lovell Roasters

I’ve ordered some Lovell Roaster’s Brazil / Ethiopian Blend from the Lovell boys (John & Aido) who’s little enterprise is slowly taking off. They’re blending and roasting at home – with a bread maker I think – after buying sacks of single origin green beans from all over. I tried their decaf at Scotty’s (also a Lovell) a week ago and was quite impressed with it (and at his skills on the machine).

Just found their blog here. Check it out. Cool photos like the one at left which has the caption “Two ways to live” 🙂

I’ll you you know how the bean goes down!


5 Responses to Lovell Roasters

  1. jtoose says:

    so this is what you and sam get up to

  2. portablepeople says:

    remember where to get the best kahawa???

  3. Mattt says:

    which one of you is jtoose. I know who portable people is…

  4. portablepeople says:

    Both is JCT. Sorry. Had bid shida setting up a blog account. For fun, look at

  5. Mattt says:

    Had a look. Nice one Dad.

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