Toose Music News: Issue 2

Heard ’em say that Kanye West will be releasing a third album which his mum reckons is his best LP ever.

Triple J played a track off ‘Graduation’ this afternoon called Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ (listen here) – good vocal track and solid beats. The album is supposed to feature songs with John Mayer and Dr Dre among others. Below is a video I captured of Kanye at the U2 concert – apologies for the quality.


12 Responses to Toose Music News: Issue 2

  1. David says:

    top quality video!

    i dig graduation – if the next album is better- – that will be pretty good!!

    peaceout homey

  2. SamR says:

    I’m not a fan – I thought he was pretty average at the U2 conference… so I hope it’s a different kind of album this time!

  3. Lairdy says:

    U2 conference????

  4. Mattt says:

    ‘Graduation’ is the new album Dave – did you listen to the track?

    You can’t base it on his performance at the concert Sambo – you should have a crack at the albums.

  5. SamR says:

    U2 conference????

    Oops. U2 Concert 🙂 Was in staff meeting as I wrote that comment!

  6. Lairdy says:

    I thought it must have been something like that – too much work on the brain!

  7. Nixter says:

    You were close, we were up in nose bleed but we still had a good time – didn’t we Lairdy?

  8. Matt & Kate says:

    It was a good concert. We did queue for quite a while and even then I had slipped into the line with one of my bro’s who’d been there since the morning – only fair since I queued up very early with Sambo at Star City to get the tickets.

  9. portablepeople says:

    but nothing was as good as Led Zep live in Sydney in 1971

  10. Mattt says:

    Nice Dad, we all missed out on tickets – by about 5 years or more 🙂

    Weird – I was singing ‘Dazed and Confused’ just this morning.

    What songs did they play? Which venue was it at?

  11. Lairdy says:

    That’s right Nixter – was great though.

  12. jtoose says:

    everything up to Zep#4. Randwick Racecourse for 35000. Deep Purple there the year before. Very LOUD…no wonder I still have this buzzing in my ears…smoke on the water…dazed and confused too

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