Mark @ Bible Study

We started a series on Mark last night at Bible study. While reading the passage (Mark 1:1-13) and writing the study I noticed a curious parallel. Mark’s intro to the gospel makes statements about Jesus (Jesus – Jehovah is salvation / Christ – anointed / Son of God) which are then affirmed by God when Jesus is baptized by John (anointed by Spirit, called God’s son). Also the description of John in vv. 4-8 is backed up by the excerpt from Isaiah 40 in the previous verses (messenger, wilderness, preparing the way). Cool!

A member of the group brought her non Christian boyfriend ‘J’ along for the second time. Praise God for the good news in Mark and for J’s curiosity and willingness to ask questions openly. They are reading Luke’s gospel together. Please pray for them both.


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  1. hystar says:

    I just started a site that specializes in Bible Study. I would appreciate your comments.

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