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‘How will you be defined in the dictionary?’ at

Probably true. I do use my outside voice inside. Especially useful on a large hospital ward if you want to find someone…

Matthew actually means ‘Gift from God’. We looked at meanings of names when we started Mark’s gospel in Bible Study last week – read here.

h/t Erns


6 Responses to Definition

  1. Libby says:

    My husband was ‘A lewd street performer’! That was the most interesting one.

  2. SamR says:

    I’m ‘Banshee like’ too 😦 I smell a limited number of definitions…

    Soph’s was ‘A master of storytelling’. Not bad…

  3. Guthers says:

    i got the same as soph

  4. Mattt says:

    That’s pretty poor if it’s that limited. Oh well.

  5. Nixter says:

    I am a ‘human transformer’ – robot in disguise!

  6. Mattt says:

    How cool is that and timely too with the release of Transformers less than 2 weeks away!!!

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