Hmm? Err?

Saw this in the city the other night. That’s right a stretch Hummer – crazy! What’s more crazy is that I was passed (at high speed) the other night in the pouring rain by an H3 (a smaller version or the original Hummer). I figured they must have brought it out of the garage especially to handle the inclement weather (which seems to have finally cleared as I look out the window). What’s even more crazy is the thought of the fuel bill for a 6 litre V8 – freaking mental!!!

I’m on night shift at the mo’ so I killed some time building myself a customised H3 here on the Hummer global site for a cool $61k…


2 Responses to Hmm? Err?

  1. portablepeople says:

    was that photo with your phone Matt? In the rain and on the run….Excellent

  2. Mattt says:

    Yep. I’ll be able to do even better soon when I get my new phone (hopefully on the weekend) the Sony Ericsson K800i with a 3.2 megapixel camera with xenon flash and instant blog posting!!! Check it out here.

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