Where is the love?

One thing I really love is a bargain. Never pay retail! Another thing I love in close conjunction with my affinity for a deal is my credit card (a very dangerous weapon in the hands of an experienced operator). It was in this pursuit that I visited Aldi today. This is probably my fourth excursion to the great German supermarket. I was looking for two of their ‘special items’ – a cast iron enamel skillet and frypan (I also love cooking). Unfortunately they were sold out so I had to settle for a dutch oven (heh heh heh). What annoyed me was not the fact that they sold out within 2 hours of going on sale but the severe lack of assistance and courtesy (verging on rudness) supplied by the staff and then they slugged me a surcharge for using my credit card. Where is the love?


5 Responses to Where is the love?

  1. portablepeople says:

    You know all the staff for aldi come from stalag 13 don’t you Matt. There is a tunnell under each store directly into Myer’s factory seconds store in Istanbul. No razzor wire there. Thats where the Love eez.

  2. SamR says:

    Ah Matthew – credit card at Aldi? – that is a schoolboy error…

    At the top of my Aldi checklist is ‘Go to the ATM first'(followed closely by ‘have you brought your own bags?’)

    There seems to be an army of old people who read their Aldi catalogue, rock up early on thursday morning and buy up all the specials. You’ve got to be quick!

  3. Mattt says:

    I knew I recognised them from somewhere. How’s the painting going Dad? Hope you’re feeling better.

    Thanks for the hot tips Sambo. From your coffee bench buying I knew I should have gone earlier but bed was so comfortable. Damn those wily oldies and there bargain hunting wisdom!!!

  4. portablepeople says:

    painting bado. moving kesho

  5. Libby says:

    Hey Matt, I have tagged you in a blogoverse game of tag. See my blog. Hope it’s ok!

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