Church Yesterday

Church last night was particularly great.

Gordo spoke in Isaiah 1 after doing a overview of the whole book last week. I was challenged to 1. cease evil, care for the weak, seek justice from 1:16-17 and 2. remember that we have the smae offer of fogiveness and cleansing through Jesus from 1:19.

We stayed late afterwards talking. A few of topics I covered were: HP & TDH, Facebook, Mobiles, Bible Study and Edward Norton movies (some of my fav movies incl. Fight Club and 25th Hour & The Score).

The music was awesome. Some great songs and funky band.


2 Responses to Church Yesterday

  1. papa says:

    what do the fab 4 and “Yesterday” have to do with all that you discussed that night, or do they relate to Isaiah 1 in some etherial metaphysical way like yellow submarine or sergeant pepper???

  2. Mattt says:

    I was looking for a picture to make things interesting and seeing this and the next 3 posts are about ‘yesterday’ I thought it would be appropriate (& fun).

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