Renovations Yesterday

Yesterday I made the fishing touches to our latest reno project in the Toose Hoose – The Doors. We’ve recently replaced the lovely creamy yellow internal doors with their hand painted ceramic doorknobs with something a little more our taste (the bathroom and toilet now have locks on them too!). I also painstakingly replaced the yellow glass panels in the front door with a less garish option. Yesterday I thought I’d get into a little recycling and while I was at it maintain some memories by reusing the beautiful ceramic doorhandles. I put one on the workshop door and a couple on a cupboard in the workshop (it now has a fenimen side).


8 Responses to Renovations Yesterday

  1. SamR says:

    yikes they are ugly!

  2. Mattt says:

    Thanks mate! I’ve two smaller cupboard knobs if you’d like them. They’d fit really well on a kitchen drawer or cupboard, or how about on the drawers under the ECM?

  3. papa says:

    What the hang (door joke) is a feniman Matt?

  4. Matt & Kate says:

    From that Kraft Cheese Spread (?) advert a while back where the kid states he’s trying to get in touch with his “fenimen side” (read feminine).

  5. SamR says:

    Thanks for the offer – but I’ll pass!

  6. papa says:

    ooooooooooooooooooh. Clear as mudd.

  7. portablepeople says:

    I used an electric plane tonight for the first time. More fun than….hmmm…Anyway I gotta get me one. If ever you need something planed, I am the man.

  8. Mattt says:

    Thanks for the offer Dad. I’ll keep it in mind

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