Tony’s Alive?!?

The producers of 24 have revealed some secrets from the next season of 24!

A change of location and some Lazarus style raising’s could be on the cards!?!

Check it out here and here!


5 Responses to Tony’s Alive?!?

  1. SamR says:

    Tony was my favourite Character. That’s awesome.

  2. Mattt says:

    Thought you’d you be keen on that mate!

  3. onlinesoph says:

    yay!!! I love Tony – but what about Michelle?? I wish she was coming back to life too.

  4. Mattt says:

    They did make a good team even when they weren’t together (the tension was great). I’m pretty sure she’s ‘dead’ dead. Bummer!

  5. Nixter says:

    Yeah if you bring back Tony you have to bring back Michelle I say!!!

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