Sick Satuday

Last Saturday our intention was to spend the whole day together for a ‘Date Day’ – a new concept in the Toose Hoose. We had planned activities like sleeping in till midday, putt putt golf, dinner out and a nice movie (A Good Year starring our very own Russ). Unfortunately Kate’s cold escalated to Snotcon 4 on Friday night. So putt putt took a rain check, dinner was take away Thai, sleeping was mandatory and the movie was just as enjoyable.

I took today off work after leaving at 2pm yesterday with my head buried in a roll of toilet paper (we ran out of tissues). No matter how much I boasted about my impenetrable immune system, Kate has very generously shared her plague with me so that tomorrow I will be the sick one. We had planned to visit, with others, a friend’s property in the southern Blue Mountains to go bush walking and have lunch with the group. Sadly this will also have to be postponed. At least we have more tissues…


One Response to Sick Satuday

  1. Guthers says:

    feel better kids

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