New Tastes

The McDonald’s ‘Name It Burger‘ now has a name – ‘The Backyard Burger’. I had one this arvo so I could park in the Macca’s car park (and ‘cos I wanted to try it). It’s very tasty and I like the name.

I’m about to have dinner and try a new beer that I picked up in Leura on the weekend. We were up in Katoomba cooking on the Cumbo Uni Church weekend away. As we were there I felt it necessary to make a visit to one of the top beer selections in the Sydney metro area – Leura Cellars. The beer is made by Saltram’s, a winery in the Barossa. It’s called Pepper Jack Hand Crafted Ale and it has Pepperjack’s Barossa Valley Shiraz in it. Should be interesting…


3 Responses to New Tastes

  1. Guthers says:

    was it interesting?
    would you recommend it?

  2. Mattt says:

    Very interesting. Beautiful dark bronze colour. Strong with a slightly sweet taste. Try it if you can find it. Leura might be the only one.

  3. Libby says:

    Go WA! The woman who named the burger is from Mirrabooka! Not that far from us really.

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