Media Savvy?

It’s not often that I comment on current events or controversial topics but I am giving it a go right now:

I had to attend a meeting near home today which started at 9am (a little more humane than my usual 7.30am start). This meant that after dropping Kate at school I had 90 minutes to kill. I took care of that time discrepancy like Arnie would a bad guy, by shooting over to Eastwood and attacking a plate of French toast with bacon & maple syrup (piccolo and a flat white were caught in the crossfire too!).

While completing my breakfast mission I had an unusual opportunity to read The SMH. Two articles caught most of my attention. This one on Russia’s new bomb dubbed ‘The Father of All Bombs” which reminded me of my Modern History days of studying The Cold War and the arms race – maybe God is going to end it and Jesus will return?!?

The other piece was this one on the publication of Mother Theresa’s personal letters which show she was human (well duh?) with human doubts and the human ability to have faith. Richard Dawkins who calls himself an “anti-theist” is either really going to cop it (either that or be saved).

Controversial? Maybe. Media savvy? I think not…


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    like this new image better

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