Old but New

Just arrived home from my second of four night shifts after making an unscheduled pit stop at Withams Coffee roasters after a spur of the moment desire to get fresh beans. They great thing is they are 3 blocks from the hospital and just off my route home. It’s bean a while (he! he! he!) since I had any of their stuff – I had easy access to it when we lived at Gordon and can’t really think why I stopped because it’s fantastic. They’ve a new logo, bought a massive new roaster, started using a WEGA machine and have a new barista who is awesome (I had a hot chocolate – beautiful milk). I bought 250g of the Super Mocha ($10) a brother of an old blend they had called Columbia Medellin Excelso to which I was rather partial.

I’m also listening to a pommy bloke called Scott Matthews – sweet tunes! Check him out here.

Catch you all later. I’m off to bed!


2 Responses to Old but New

  1. portablepeople says:

    Scott Matthews is fantastic. Read his history and he had lots of influences, and sounds a little like Jack Johnson/john Mayer/

  2. Mattt says:

    He is good. Triple J have been playing ‘Elusive’ whuch is beautiful. Listening to the album now…

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