Recent Photos

One of the cicadas that inhabit the trees around us and make a hell of a racket. This one jumped onto the footpath when I went to hang out the washing. It’s a green grocer (according to my Dad)

We went to visit Liz and Liam and their new addition Aidan last night. Very cute (I mean Aidan not Liam)!

I gave Kate this wall hanging (from India – from the Oxfam Fairtrade shop at MacCent) for her birthday. Sweet!


5 Responses to Recent Photos

  1. portablepeople says:

    yes Matt, or more precisely a “double drummer green grocer”…and the wall hanging looks great now that I have had a chance to look at it from further than 30cm when I was holding it in place…A lifetime present to be sure…bure sana

  2. Mattt says:

    What’s with the double drummer – what does that mean?

  3. portablepeople says:

    Has 2 drums in its bum to make that racket they make. Boys only have drums…as God intended.

  4. Jane says:

    great wall hanging choosing…..and hanging.

  5. ritzy-girl says:

    oops.. hehe .. I found a more recent blogging moment… send my congrats to Liam and Liz….

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