I’m a bloke and I was just reading an insightful and thought provoking post by Dan (as recommended by Dave) about music and men. We’re doing some thinking about how to do music at North Rocks @ Night. One of the things I’m thinking about is singing up the front. Here’s some of what Dan wrote:

Another factor is who you stick up the front. If all your music leaders are girls then why are all the backing singers girls? At nitechurch we have 3 guy band leaders and a couple of guy backing vocalists. I’m always trying to encourage our guys to take up the mic. It gives example to guys in the congregation.

What songs are you singing? Are you always singing about Jesus being beautiful or lovely or ‘darling’. These are fine to sing at times but what is your diet? So many christian songs are girly. Don’t buy into it wholesale. Sing about Christ’s victory, his strength, our mission, His leadership. Guys get that stuff. We get the other stuff too and I’m being stereotypical but I’m just saying be careful.

Read the rest here. Well worth it.

Something else blokey is this – the new Indiana Jones teaser!

I love the quote “You’re a teacher?” “Part time”


4 Responses to Blokes

  1. SamR says:

    Yeah I agree about having guys up the front, but they have to be enthusiastic while they’re up there. It’s almost worse to have a guy up there whose heart isn’t in it than having no-one.

    A one man guitar playing singer can work well too – but they have to be pretty strong musically to pull it off.

  2. Matt & Kate says:

    I’m not strong musically but willing to have a good crack at it (just the singing). I was thinking that even if you can’t sing perfectly or impressively that in itself may be more encouraging to the other guys & may inspire them to belt it out.

  3. Nic T says:

    What you need up the front is not great singers (unless they’re the only one up there), but good ‘song-leaders’. If someone can look excited, smile, start every verse and chorus with gusto, and make it clear to the congregation when they all need to launch into a double chorus instead of tapering off into nothing, they have succeeded at being a good song leader. You only need to hit the first note right and you’ll be fine.

  4. Mattt says:

    Good advice Nic. Thanks mate. Good to have you reading again too 😉

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