Soft Launch

‘North Rocks [at Night]’ started this evening with our soft launch.

We go live in two weeks!

It was great to meet our new family (33 of them at least). There were a few kinks but it was exciting all the same. We had a BBQ after church which I was organising so I missed the last 5 mins of the Bible talk which made praying in response to the sermon tricky – so I asked for suggestions from up the front on what we could pray for. I got a couple of blank looks, one of abject horror and someone put up their hand but then people caught on and started speaking up – ahhh (sigh of relief). I thought it had the added bonus of getting people to think through what they’d just heard and in a way respond immediately. Also prayed for the Wilsons in Italy and prayed in confession (I think this is a good thing to do regularly).

This is our promo postcard. The back reads:
“We’d like to invite you to church”
Hopefully have a website for you to check out soon. Keep praying for us.


6 Responses to Soft Launch

  1. Guthers says:

    methinks I’ve seen that font before…

  2. Mattt says:


    Luke Williams has been doing our design. I like our new logo – wait for the website.

  3. Gordon Cheng says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for the report. Keep confessing those sins!

  4. SamR says:

    Yep – I’ve seen that font before! It’s a Dave Miers special.

  5. T says:

    Looking forward to hearing how Sunday night went when you get a chance šŸ™‚

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