Live in Concert

Almost a week ago my brother-in-law, Nick, called me up out of the blue to offer me a spare ticket to see Jack Johnson in Centennial Park. I took it. Awesome! Such a sweet concert and great weather. His voice was amazing. Jack and the band had a kicking competition off the stage using a beach ball the crowd was bashing around.

This week I’m going to see The Smashing Pumpkins. They were one of my first favourite bands – I went to see them on their Adore tour in ’99. I’m really looking forward to it.

What’s your favourite live music performance?


8 Responses to Live in Concert

  1. Dave Miers says:

    katie noonan and elixer.

    opera house – august 2006

  2. Mattt says:

    She has a cool voice too. I reckon that would have been quite an intimate gig?

    I remember vaguely seeing play school and bananas in pajamas at the opera house. Though the last time I was there was for the ballet and they did some naked contemporary stuff – that was the first and last time I went to the ballet 😉

  3. Libby says:

    The Whitlams with WASO (WA Symphony Orchestra) in Kings Park (ie outdoor) 2006 – thanks to Anu!

  4. Mattt says:

    WA music scene sounds cool. I think Muse did a thing with WASO too or was that with the South Australian SO?

  5. Libby says:

    Don’t know about Muse, but Ben Lee did one this year and apparently he was awesome! They arrange the songs so well, plus I think he was funny too. My friend went and she said that it was silent at one stage and someone shouted out “I love you Ben” and then someone else shouted “I like you as a friend”! That would have been hilarious!

  6. Mattt says:

    “I like you as a friend”…


  7. portable people says:

    Led Zep at the cricket ground in 1974. Smashing

  8. hammmm says:

    i have never been to a concert

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