The Plurality of Pants

Pants, trousers, jeans, undies, boardies, trackies, shorts…

Not only are they plural but these lower body items of clothing have a masculine nature – not that chicks can’t wear the pants 😉

I think of some weird things as I’m falling asleep, do you?


6 Responses to The Plurality of Pants

  1. Dave Miers says:

    why are pants et al plural?

    they have two legs.

    but a t-shirt or a business shirt or a jumper has two sleeves, yet we talk about them in the singular.

    i’m bamboozled!

  2. Nic says:

    maybe plural, but not always masculine… hotpants, bike shorts, culots…

  3. Mattt says:

    So much scope for thought and study. I feel asleep to quickly methinks. This is Phd material!

  4. SamR says:

    In german, pants are singular ‘a pant’. I always found that funny!

  5. Guthers says:

    I once heard it said that you wear plural things below the waist (pants, trousers, undies, shoes, socks, etc) and singular things above the waist (t-shirt, jumper, etc)
    I doubt that works for everything but I think it’s worth a run in this thesis of yours, Dr Toose.

  6. Mattt says:

    Thank you for you input Dr Sam. I agree with your hypothesis Dr Guthers but I yearn for the answer that plagues all good scientists.


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