Long White Clouds

We’re about to leave for the airport so I thought I’d keep my promise and just quickly make a holiday post. We’ve seen heaps. Done some awesome driving tours around the top of the North Island – Taupo, Rotorua, Coromadel Peninsula. Visited lots of geothermal thingys. Seen heaps of cows and only a few sheep?!? Paid an arm and a leg for petrol $2.17/litre – curse my right foot! Eaten great food. Drank a few tasty beers and a couple of decent espressi. All in all good times. See you very soon.


4 Responses to Long White Clouds

  1. Guthers says:

    where are the photos???

    was the house intact when you got home?

  2. Mattt says:

    I’m sure Kate will put some up on Facebook – there are over 250 so probably a few too many for the blog.

    The house was intact and even tidy! Thanks to Hammm and Jimmy for looking after the place.

  3. hamish says:

    intact apart from the drawer

  4. Mattt says:

    The drawer is fixed – I heart liquid nails!

    I chucked some photos up on Facebook

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