Great idea #1

I thought it might be original – at least Lawso and I had grand plans after seeing U2 3D last week (fantastically awesome by the way!).

3DVD is what I want to see

Catchy, huh? 3D movies in the comfort of your own lounge chair but it seems someone beat me to it. The cinema technology has come along way recently but has yet to make the leap to DVD. Therefore I think I should see some royalty payments coming my way for the use of my cool catch phrase.


4 Responses to Great idea #1

  1. Nic T says:

    where’s the sick photo of us with our sexy glasses on at U23D?

  2. Mattt says:

    Pic changed by popular demand?

  3. portablepeople says:

    Looks more like Brains from thunderbirds and Miss Penelope trying to be culturally sensitive

  4. SamR says:


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