I made my first babycino this morning for Adrian‘s son Nicholas when they came over for brekky and to borrow some movies for Rowena who’s hurt her neck – get better soon Row! I wasn’t really sure how to make one so had to ask Adrian. I over frothed some milk and scooped the thicker foam with a bit of milk into a small espresso cup and sprinkled some chocolate powder over the top. After first shaking his head at the proffered cup and spoon which I placed in front of the little guy we soon heard the clinking of metal on ceramic – I must have got it right 🙂

Any tips for my future Babycino attempts? Do you put some coffee in or is that a no no? How much chocolate? What should the foam to milk ratio be? What size cup do you use? Maybe I should do a Barista course 😉


3 Responses to Babycino

  1. michelle says:

    This is how I make them for Anastasia …

    Make spectacularly good espresso shot in a demitasse, and steam up some smooth, sweet microfoam. Drink espresso yourself and then pour the milk into the (mostly) empty demitasse. Et voila!

    When we went to Single Origin last time, the staff thought it was tops when we ordered a super-weak piccolo for her.

    I suspect coffee is a no-no with some people. I often get filthy looks from people when I let Zeke taste my espresso at a cafe. This doesn’t bother me, I find it amusing that they think I’m doing something outrageous (I just dip the teaspoon in it – vertically – and let him suck on the spoon), and yet their kid is skulling a glass of coke!

    I guess it’s up to the parents, and if people would rather their kids not have coffee, then that’s totally their right.

  2. Libby says:

    I wouldn’t do the coffee unless it was decaf and even then, wouldn’t encourage it. I also wouldn’t give my child a coke, he’s hardly even had juice! Cohen’s only just started tolerating milk so hopefully we’ll be up for a babycino soon!

  3. Mattt says:

    I think I’ll leave it up to the parents of the child I’m making it for. Thanks for the link Michelle. I’ll have to make the call when I have some of my own although I’m looking forward sharing my hobby with them and teaching them to make espresso that I will drink…

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