International Nurses Day

Happy International Nurses Day. We had a BBQ at work last week to celebrate and the hospital gave us this amazingly crappy gift of a plastic keyring with a torn square of paper inside on which way typed “Proud to be a Nurse/Midwife”. They actually used a forward slash – LOL!

How funny is this action figure – with stethoscope and x-ray clipboard!


3 Responses to International Nurses Day

  1. Nic says:

    we had a bed making competition at work to celebrate the day – which is kind of ironic as we have ‘hotel services’ staff ho make all the beds. The nurses don’t do it at all.

    the only thing funnier than a male nurse action figure is a male nurse. Just kidding.

  2. Mattt says:

    Ha Ha Ha! You funny man!

    “Hotel Services” – what the?!?!

  3. portable people says:

    almost as much fun as the missionary action figure with cooking pot and Bible. They don’t make beds either as the plastic house help does that, and the night guard irons the sheets

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