Wonderful Toys

I was in Kmart yesterday looking for a present for Emily (decided on JJJ Hottest 100 CD) and while waiting for Kate to call me to confirm that this was cool I hung around the store. Security seemed a bit jittery about this hoodie wearing, nonchalantly wandering, stock examining young bloke…

Anyway, with a few moments spent in Kitchenware, Electronics, Car Accessories and Sporting I spent most of my time in the Toys section. There are cool options for the young and young at heart these days! A few highlights were:
– Nerf air powered rapid fire dart guns (not that new) and a blow dart tube.
– Super soaker with a refill port big enough for ice cubes (that’s just mean)
– plush Star Wars figurines

I reminisced about cool toys we used to have:
– Bandit crossbow with suction cup tipped darts that we modified with thumbtacks (Heathrow Customs didn’t confiscate these)
– Cap guns especially some very realistic ones we bought in the UK (Customs did take these)
– Super soakers of all shapes and sizes
– GI Joe – I still have these in a box under the house (and they’re making a GI Joe movie)
– Lego – lots and lots of Lego

What were your favourite toys?


4 Responses to Wonderful Toys

  1. SamR says:

    My remote control cars. I had a ‘Jet hopper’ first, and then upgraded in 4th grade to an ‘Aero-hopper’. That thing was fast!
    I always wanted one of those ones with the tank-tracks for wheels, cos they could spin round real fast – but I can’t remember what they were called though…

  2. Mattt says:

    I remember my uncle had some electric ones that we’d thrash around the street at family Christmas. Good times.

    Just found some Youtube vids of the Aero Hopper – nice fluro stickers and sweet looking flag on the front!

  3. Jane says:

    What about Marble Race?
    Or Matchbox racing track that you could suspend from almost anywhere?
    How about “Gunnings”? – all you needed was a stick and a large amount of open outdoor space. And perhaps a shipping container to dig under or hide behind or jump off…
    yes…and then there was always lego, wonderful, amazing, brilliant lego

  4. Mattt says:

    Memories are made of these…

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