New Hoose

Hey, glad you found it. Welcome!

It’s been a while since I’ve asked and I thought this would be a good opportunity to find out who is still reading?

Let me know you were here and what you think of the new digs.


32 Responses to New Hoose

  1. Dave Miers says:

    welcome to the ‘press.

    if you need any help finding your way around settings or whatever – let me know!

    keep trusting Jesus

  2. Michelle says:

    🙂 Too quick for ya, just commented on the previous post.

    So, yeah, I’m still reading. And the site looks good.

  3. Dave Miers says:

    beat ya by mili-seconds michelle!

  4. matttoose says:

    Wow! you guys were fast! Thanks for reading…

  5. Nic says:

    I read and occasionally comment if there’s anything worth saying.

  6. Libby says:

    Hello 🙂 You had better blog about Jesus and Kate to get their names bigger than coffee….. 🙂
    (Not that I can talk about my blog topics!)
    I wonder if I will be the same pattern as when I comment on Guthers’ blog? Here goes.

  7. Libby says:

    Just tried to post this comment and wordpress told me this!
    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

  8. matttoose says:

    Hey Nic and Libbs – welcome!

    I discovered this cool thing called Gravatar which will give you a Globally Recognised Avatar so your picture is the same on any comment on any blog of any type.

  9. SamR says:

    Yep I’m reading.

    Like the new site, 1 reckon wordpress is great.

    2 things,

    your text is tiny! Can you make it bigger?

    I think the font in the header could be changed. General rule of thumb from my production days: serif fonts are for paper, sans serifs for screens.

  10. matttoose says:

    Hey Sambo – when are you guys making the switch? 😉

    New header?

    Which text do you mean? These comments are tiny but the post fonts aren’t too bad are they? I had a look through the CSS coding but there are heaps of fonts which aren’t clearly labeled so I don’t know which one I’d need to change – Dave???

  11. just letting you know i read your blog… in fact subscribe to it in rss. found it a while back via your facebook profile i think, and enjoy reading your commentaries on things…. especially good coffee!!! 🙂 funny to look at the tag words, and the size of ‘coffee’ – i think that was what hooked me in. thanks for interesting blogging!

  12. mattt says:

    Thanks Liesl. I didn’t have the tag cloud over at blogger so it’s sort of interesting to see what’s there and what is bigger like Coffee (abnormally large), Music, Cooking, Beer, Bible Study, Church, etc

  13. Pete says:

    I’ve just been reading recently since I got a feed aggregator (changed web browsers) and found the blog on Facebook.

    I should keep reading now you’ve moved.

  14. mattt says:

    Hey Pete – hope you can keep reading (and commenting).

    BTW which Pete are you? I know a few!

  15. Adriana says:

    I’m more of a blog stalker cos I very rarely comment. But just thought I’d let you know I was reading also 🙂 Look forward to reading more..

  16. Libby says:

    Can you get rid of the “possibly related posts” thing? There are some you might not want there.

  17. matttoose says:

    Hey Adri you stalker – glad you’re reading 😉

    Thanks Libbs, I hadn’t seen them before – fixed!

  18. hammm says:

    i do on occasion dable in a little of the toosehoose

  19. guthers says:

    I’ve been known to stop by the toosehoose, help myself to a latte and some raspberry banane bread and be on my way.

    ‘Tis always a pleasure.

    Love the new digs – go the ‘press!

  20. matttoose says:

    Hey boys, nice of you to visit. Catch you soon.

  21. SamR says:

    I like the new header more than the coffee picture. Works with your theme a bit better – although it was a nice looking coffee.

  22. matttoose says:

    Thanks Sambo. I reckon it was my best art yet. I plan on changing the header pic occasionally with images from around the Toose Hoose so keep a look out.

  23. Kate says:

    I read (of course)….

    Clearly I never ever comment.

  24. jane toose mackintosh says:

    Oh mothers are alaways faithful readers. The site looks good. Glad you are teaching your computer to speak like a health professional.

  25. mattt says:

    Hello ladies.

    Kate, thanks for commenting my love.

    Thanks Mum, knew I’d have at least one reader in you. Glad to see your comment here and not on facebook 😉

  26. Pete says:

    HI Matt,

    I’m the Pete from this website. 😛

  27. mattt says:

    Oh – that Pete!

    Enjoy Mongolia!

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  29. Turns says:

    I read too by the way. Been on holidays though, so I’m a bit behind the times… Looks good!

  30. matttoose says:

    Welcome Turns. Hope your time with the olds was good.

  31. portablepeopleproductions says:

    Our first day back from the wilds of the NT and where else could I go but to THO man?? Lots to tell you including visiting Ranger Uranium mine, 2300 km of I spy in a corolla, The GHAN train, from Alice to Darwin, sleeping in a wardrobe, swimming in waterfalls, crocs and vultures, billions of birds, Uluru and Kings Canyon, 7 beds in 15 nights, three of them various YHAs, one place for 3 nights with dingos passing outside our room, reminding me of Ngorongoro Crater lodge with Zebras outside inn the morning……

  32. matttoose says:

    Cool. Welcome to the new hoose Dad!

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