Nekked Group (Handle)

Couldn’t resist taking a ‘study break’ 😉 to cut up my single group handle and make it NAKED! Neil’s advice here was invaluable – thanks! I had the tools and the inclination, what was to stop me? For play by play photos go here.

Want me to do yours?


4 Responses to Nekked Group (Handle)

  1. Michelle says:

    Nice. You’ll have some fun with that 😉

  2. matttoose says:

    Hope so. Can’t wait to point the camera at it!

  3. SamR says:

    Wow, you’re brave!

    Looks pretty good.

  4. YeeZa says:

    Hey Toosey!
    Nice man, yeah I did the same last year with some La Marzocco PF’s. I had a few sent over from this dude over in Seattle. They’re actually direct copies of the orig and I think they’ve been going around CG’s with great reports. They cost me $11 US ea so putting a holesaw through one wasn’t too heart breaking. The’yre deadly. Good thing I had a million sized holesaw’s from the sparky days. Managed to get one exact to the edges of the pf. Now fits my triple basket nice.

    I actually drilled mine from the other side though. Found it easier to keep it central.

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