We’ve a small stack of cheap ex-rental DVD’s bought recently that we haven’t had time to watch. We buy them instead of hiring which is almost as expensive and means other people can borrow them (and Kate can watch the chick flicks over and over šŸ™‚ ). Kate has almost finished her reports but I’ve a way to go with uni assignments. Patience, patience…

No Country For Old Men – Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem

Rescue Dawn – Christian Bale

27 Dresses – Katherine Heigl

Flyboys – James Franco

The Guardian – Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher

P.S. I Love You – Hilary Swank

Lions For Lambs – Redford, Streep, Cruise

Michael Clayton – George Clooney

Bee Movie – Seinfeld, Zellweger


11 Responses to Ex-rental

  1. T says:

    We so have to compare DVD lists and do some swapsies (if that is okay)!

  2. matttoose says:

    Anytime T. We might watch these before we think about borrowing any of yours though šŸ˜‰

  3. T says:

    That’s cool!! You may not like our list anyhow – though Im sure I have some chick flicks Kate will probably like. Dans are all sci-fi!

  4. hammm says:

    didnt you just borrow my ‘no country for old men’?

  5. Nic says:

    yeah he did, but he forgot to check if the disc was in the case before he borrowed it

  6. mattt says:

    Yes, I did borrow yours Ham.

    No, I didn’t check the disc Nic.

    Yes, I did buy my own copy.


  7. hammm says:

    well give me my case back then..
    my poor little dvd is all nakey

  8. matttoose says:

    I’ve sent it’s clothes back via Nic

  9. portablepeopleproductions says:

    would love to borrow NCFOM. Great to see the new home for THO. Still love the previous one though.

  10. matttoose says:

    Funnily enough the old one is still getting Sam and Soph 5% of their referrals – go figure!?! šŸ™‚

  11. saphia says:


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