Declared Righteous By Faith…

In Bible study tonight we looked at Romans 5:1-5. Adrian started a 6 week series just on these 5 verses last Sunday at North Rocks at Night so I thought we’d spend one night, nutting it out amongst ourselves before starting studies on Proverbs (Wisdom) next week. I put four translations (NIV, ESV, KJV, HCSB) of these verses on the one page without the verse markers and gave a copy to each of the group. After reading through them all and attacking them with highlighters and pens we had a go at mapping the concepts in the passage. After Mk I and Mk II we came up with Mk III which is below. We all found the study really helpful – we’ve stuck the map on the wall in the kitchen.

What do you think? Can you improve with a Mk IV?


One Response to Declared Righteous By Faith…

  1. Gordon Cheng says:

    Hey Matt,

    one thing would be to realize that the word ‘rejoice’ is best translated ‘boast’. It matters because the words ‘rejoice’ or ‘joy’ are repeated several times in these few verses, and indicates I think that this is a key feature of the Christian life, and this passage.

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