Great Idea #3

Inspired by Dad and Celia returning from their holiday to the NT to find the 80L fuel tank on the CMS commodore drained dry by some petrol siphoning thief, I bring you my latest great idea which brings a whole new meaning to ‘electric car’ and ‘WARNING: This car is electronically protected’.

Electrified fuel cap!

Now I realise the interesting possibilities of mixing fuel and electricity but something has to be done. Supposedly it’s becoming more frequent in the inner city. Surely a clever electrician could hook something up – sort of like an old school kill switch (heh heh – another phrase that could be reinterpreted ;)) before immobilisers were around.

This guy thinks through the locking fuel cap option and then tank drilling/puncturing is suggested in one of the comments – which Dad was concerned may have happened to them!!!

Any other great ideas?


3 Responses to Great Idea #3

  1. portablepeopleproductions says:

    Maybe electromagnetic fuel cover with PIN. Loved the link to guys in USA. Will get my muddleheaded thinking cap on kesho.

  2. SamR says:

    Man that sucks – no pun intended.

    There is more and more inspiration to go car free…

  3. jane toose mackintosh says:

    Well here in NZ, fuel is climbing… horrendously… can’t spell “exponetionally”?? Currently $2.16 per litre and even if that”s NZ$ …it’s too much. Anything that can help is good.

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