Ice cream

We have 5 tubs of ice cream in the freezer at the moment. It’s no small feat getting them in there amongst all the other cold hard stuff. Why so many? Could this perhaps be the explanation for the aforementioned weight gain? Possibly…

  • Blue Ribbon vanilla – worth the extra 2 bucks I reckon – a must have in any household for those emergency affogatos or a stat dose of crumble
  • Weiss Mango sorbet – not really ice cream but it was on mega special and seemed a bit healthier
  • Connoisseur: Cookie cream commotion – on mega special and seemed way tastier
  • Connoisseur: Caramel honey macadamia – I love macadamias , also on special. Yum!
  • Peter’s creamy classic mint choc chip – the favourite of one of our favourite visitors

Another great idea: ice cream tubs that collapse as they get emptier freeing up space in the crowded ice box for more deliciously flavours. Hmm, half empty containers or full fat tummy?


7 Responses to Ice cream

  1. Gordon Cheng says:

    How true it is.

    Congratulations on your news too, praying.

  2. Michelle says:

    We splurged last week on some of Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel ice cream. It’s foolishly expensive ($9/500ml!) but goodness it was tasty.

    But I agree – Blue Ribbon vanilla is our stock-standard too. Very noice.

  3. matttoose says:

    Thanks Gordo.

    I’ve never seen Maggie’s stuff – sounds tasty. I’ve always wanted to try Homer Hudson which is similarly priced. I had some Haagen Daz ages and ages ago and I think it was pretty good – their website calls it ‘super premium ice cream’.

  4. onlinesoph says:

    Give some to us!!!

    Hehe…just joking. Sambo loves icecream and eats it by the (large) bowlful. So we never have too much of it in the freezer, as it goes really quickly

  5. Brain Health says:

    It’s been a long time since the last time I had my ice cream, well I intend to because of my diet program. And this past few days I saw a kid and he was really enjoying his ice cream and God I wanted one for myself too, but i was able to control myself not to buy.

    Maybe I have to try your Weiss Mango Sorbet, you mentioned it was not really ice cream but a little bit healthier, in my case that will do. LOL

    My personal favorites are vanilla and cookies and cream.

  6. YeeZa says:

    That Conno Macadamia, Honey one is my fave… oh, it’s DELISH.

  7. Edward J Novelly says:

    Who makes Homer Hudson Ice Cream and where is it made?

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