Old & New

We’re looking at 1 John in Bible study at the moment. I’m writing the studies now that Uni is a bit quieter, which is great.

I started a new thing with this series which I hadn’t tried or heard of being done. I thought we could use the opportunity of Bible study to read more of the Bible as this is something a few of our group struggle with. So, each week we read part of the Old Testament, a gospel and the study passage. We’ve started with Ezekiel and Mark, reading a chapter each week.

Do you do anything different or unusual in your groups?


4 Responses to Old & New

  1. SamR says:

    Sounds like a great idea.

  2. portablepeopleproductions says:

    My guys wanted to do an OT book but weren’t sure. We read chapter one of Daniel, Job and Exodus and then they voted for Exodus, but reading a chapter of Job alongside each week to end the night. A little like you have decided I suppose. On ya

  3. YeeZa says:

    ooh, I like that idea. I’ll shunt it to the group tonight and see if people would be keen. Do you end up chatting about the passage at all. My group is kinda hard to shut up (not a bad thing though), so I’d be scared of running over time (as we have a habit of doing).

  4. mattt says:

    We usually have a quick chat about anything that stood out or that is really important. I’ve been writing shorter studies so that we still have time to pray for each other.

    Let me know how it goes.

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