I’m Watching You

Summer TV has had it’s usual high quality offerings which I’ve mostly managed to avoid. Instead we’ve been catching up on Scrubs – even more funny if you’ve ever worked in a hospital. Kate’s been hitting the OC and I’m waiting to get my teeth into the first two seasons of Dexter which I picked up the other day. So that and lots of cricket, especially for Kate, and the tennis (sorry to see Tomic go) has kept us entertained.

New offerings that look interesting include the next season of Dexter (which I won’t watch having not seen all of the first two), Flashpoint, Heroes (which I don’t think 7 wants anyone to watch the way they seem to not advertise it) and 24 – go Jack!

Anyone seen anything else that looks good?


4 Responses to I’m Watching You

  1. CHONG says:

    Flashpoint is fantastic!!!!

  2. Libby says:

    I watched every episode of Packed To the Rafters last season and am looking forward to that again. Also SYTYCD but that’s not on Ch7!

  3. mattt says:

    Lie To Me looks good too. We both like Law & Order: Criminal Intent and NCIS but missed the season return of NCIS the other night. Also keen on Jamie At Home.

  4. rockran says:

    so you know, the season of dexter theyre about to start showing here is season 2. season 3 is on in america at the mo but we wont get it for a while. season 2 is a cracker though

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