Lemon Meringue Tarts

November 8, 2008

lemon-m-tartIt’s Kate’s birthday on Monday so I made these for her and the girls to take on a picnic on Friday evening. I thought they’d be less hassle and mess than a whole pie.

The pastry is Mum’s recipe but I found a new lemon filling recipe here and it’s awesome! I added lemon rind to mine for an extra bit of zest. I blind baked the pastry cases in muffin tins then removed them to be filled and topped before baking all together. Fortunately I made some extras for the boys for the pre-roast lunch yesterday. Feedback was that the pastry to filling ratio was a bit high (thinner next time) but otherwise delicious.

I still had some lemon filling and meringue left over which I threw into a pie case made from frozen pastry – it’s tasty but no where near as good as homemade pastry.


Neighbourhood Witch

October 31, 2008

We live in a sheltered little area between two major roads, our own island of suburbia, so to speak. There’s a neighbourhood watch and a playground down the road where parents look out for each others kids. Community is a bit of a deal, which is great, I think this sort of thing has been lost in most areas these days. However, the other day we received in our letter box, a flyer promoting a neighbourhood Halloween thing. It reads:

Dear Neighbours,

This coming Friday 31st is Halloween

A few families thought rather than children knocking on every door, we could pre-arrange who was interested in participating and by simply, having something ‘Halloween’ outside, or leaving a porch light on the children would know where to knock.

We believe Halloween is a good excuse for all the children in our 2 little streets to dress up and meet the neighbours in our friendly community. We encourage all our resident families to join in.

I considered not participating at all; handing out gospel tracts instead of sugar; and hooking up the garden hose just inside the front door, choosing the ‘trick’ rather than the ‘treat’ option. Instead, I’ve decided to join in. We’ve bought some funsize bars and mini bags of Pizza Shapes (healthy option) and I found these little pumpkins at Hot Dollar which I’ve put tea lights in, for outside. I might even offer accompanying parents a coffee?

Is this the right choice?

Is God’s kingdom better served by withdrawing from or participating in community activities like this?

Please be praying for us and our neighbours.

Old & New

October 29, 2008

We’re looking at 1 John in Bible study at the moment. I’m writing the studies now that Uni is a bit quieter, which is great.

I started a new thing with this series which I hadn’t tried or heard of being done. I thought we could use the opportunity of Bible study to read more of the Bible as this is something a few of our group struggle with. So, each week we read part of the Old Testament, a gospel and the study passage. We’ve started with Ezekiel and Mark, reading a chapter each week.

Do you do anything different or unusual in your groups?


October 25, 2008

Note that highlights is plural. Strap yourself in…

  • I felt the baby move this morning. Highlight of the highlights. Very, very cool!
  • Had a crash course in roasting from John with Sambo.
  • Packed up the roaster and brought it home – video of the craziness below.
  • Hit the Beer Festival with the brothers and Dad and Ceils – tasty!
  • Had dinner at Dee Why then good ice cream from an ice-creamery called Chill Bar

Whew, what a rush…

Ice cream

October 24, 2008

We have 5 tubs of ice cream in the freezer at the moment. It’s no small feat getting them in there amongst all the other cold hard stuff. Why so many? Could this perhaps be the explanation for the aforementioned weight gain? Possibly…

  • Blue Ribbon vanilla – worth the extra 2 bucks I reckon – a must have in any household for those emergency affogatos or a stat dose of crumble
  • Weiss Mango sorbet – not really ice cream but it was on mega special and seemed a bit healthier
  • Connoisseur: Cookie cream commotion – on mega special and seemed way tastier
  • Connoisseur: Caramel honey macadamia – I love macadamias , also on special. Yum!
  • Peter’s creamy classic mint choc chip – the favourite of one of our favourite visitors

Another great idea: ice cream tubs that collapse as they get emptier freeing up space in the crowded ice box for more deliciously flavours. Hmm, half empty containers or full fat tummy?

Judgement Please

October 23, 2008

From the RSS you might have been expecting something a tad more serious and/or theological. These guys here and here do that sort of thing much better.


October 22, 2008

I should be doing my final uni assignment (it’s almost finished) but spurred on by the comments on my last post and my upcoming free time I thought I should post our biggest news of late, which most of you already well know. We’re having a baby.

As I type Kate is reading ‘Week 20’ in Kaz Cooke’s ‘Up The Duff’ because tomorrow she will be… you guessed it… 20 weeks pregnant! We have our next ultrasound on Tuesday so there should be some cool pics to post.

I will try to post more often now that I’ve broken the drought (again). Potential post:

  • new Beer Lovers book I got for my birthday
  • my ever improving latte art
  • coffee roasting
  • North Rocks at Night updates (check out the new look site)
  • New Zealand conference trip
  • my apparent weight gain, the frequency of comments about it and my plans to think about doing something about it
  • What’s cooking
  • Great ideas
  • and more..

Thanks for reading.