The Source

February 18, 2008

Went to this kicking cafe in Mosman on the way home from our 5th anniversary stay the city. Met up with Lach (the bro) and Joy (the wife). There’s a massive Synesso and a tricked out Mazzer grinder – they cut a hole in the back and whacked on a sizable cooling fan (like a computer) – they said it works a treat. The barista even has a tat of a group handle on his foreram and it seems the rugged unshaven look is the staff uniform. The use a tasty bean from South Melbourne by St Ali. Had a double ristretto latte then a piccolo. Kate had a couple of lattes. Lach had large flat white in what I now call ‘Sambo’s dream cup’ – solid heavy with a dark brown glaze on the outside (you can get them from Cafe Bianchi). Every cup was sweet as! Anyway check it out – it’s off Military Rd on Raglan St.



February 8, 2007

We enjoy watching the TV show ‘Lost’ and the new season starts on our 4 year wedding anniversary. In light of this I thought this video was kind of amusing.