Old & New

October 29, 2008

We’re looking at 1 John in Bible study at the moment. I’m writing the studies now that Uni is a bit quieter, which is great.

I started a new thing with this series which I hadn’t tried or heard of being done. I thought we could use the opportunity of Bible study to read more of the Bible as this is something a few of our group struggle with. So, each week we read part of the Old Testament, a gospel and the study passage. We’ve started with Ezekiel and Mark, reading a chapter each week.

Do you do anything different or unusual in your groups?


Declared Righteous By Faith…

June 4, 2008

In Bible study tonight we looked at Romans 5:1-5. Adrian started a 6 week series just on these 5 verses last Sunday at North Rocks at Night so I thought we’d spend one night, nutting it out amongst ourselves before starting studies on Proverbs (Wisdom) next week. I put four translations (NIV, ESV, KJV, HCSB) of these verses on the one page without the verse markers and gave a copy to each of the group. After reading through them all and attacking them with highlighters and pens we had a go at mapping the concepts in the passage. After Mk I and Mk II we came up with Mk III which is below. We all found the study really helpful – we’ve stuck the map on the wall in the kitchen.

What do you think? Can you improve with a Mk IV?

Bible Study

May 28, 2008

Tonight we’ll finish studying James so we’ll need something new for next week. Just saw an add on The Sola Panel for the new Pathway Bible Guide (PBG) on Proverbs. Looks good and the other PBG’s I’ve done were pretty solid. We’re a group of 5 full time workers with range of Christian maturity. I’d also thought about the Ideas that changed the world DVD/studies

Any other suggestions?

The cupboard was bare…

May 28, 2008

Young Matty Toose, came home to the hoose, to get his brain some caffeine.

When he got there, the cupboard was bare and had to make do with a tea.

We’ve run out of beans! We were looking forward to a coffee this afternoon before bible study especially after a late night writing reports and finishing a uni assessment.

ENGAGE was awesome…

October 29, 2007

… as those who went will tell you! Rockin’ music, challenging teaching, relaxed vibe (10.30 start), good food (Byron Bay cookies and Lindt chocolates) and encouraging fellowship (we took our Bible study group & stayed at the YHA with church crew). I also managed “a few” coffees from Fresh – very nice! Overall two thumbs up and looking forward to ENGAGE ’08! I threw together the photos and clips from my mobile below…

Church Yesterday

July 30, 2007

Church last night was particularly great.

Gordo spoke in Isaiah 1 after doing a overview of the whole book last week. I was challenged to 1. cease evil, care for the weak, seek justice from 1:16-17 and 2. remember that we have the smae offer of fogiveness and cleansing through Jesus from 1:19.

We stayed late afterwards talking. A few of topics I covered were: HP & TDH, Facebook, Mobiles, Bible Study and Edward Norton movies (some of my fav movies incl. Fight Club and 25th Hour & The Score).

The music was awesome. Some great songs and funky band.


June 21, 2007

Back from my last night shift and eating the remains of the Apple and Raspberry Crumble we had at Bible study last night. I bought some Cadbury Creamy Vanilla as Woolies were sold out of the Toose Hoose regular – Peter’s Vanilla (the Cadbury’s was on special at the same price). It’s pretty good with more of a creamy yellow colour than the Peter’s stark white and has a great texture. Our other favourites are the Toppa Hokey Pokey (available @ Woolies) a New Zealand ice cream that’s pretty cheap and almost anything from the Connoisseur range especially the Cookies & Cream and the newly discovered Chocolate Honey Nougat. I do like a bit of gelato especially hazelnut (which Kate hates) but ice cream is my first love.

***I’ve just discovered that Cadbury, Peter’s & Connoisseur are all owned by the same mob***

The Secret Toose Hoose Crumble Recipe (read this and I’ll have to kill you)
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Cup Rolled Oats
3/4 Cup Plain Flour
1/4 Cup Coconut
50 – 75g Melted Butter (depending on how healthy you’re feeling)

Chuck it all together making sure you crumble the butter into the dry ingredients (get your hands into it!). Bung it over any tinned/stewed fruit you like in a oven dish and lightly pack it down. Whack it in the oven @ 180 for 25 – 30 mins or until lightly browned on top.