The Toose Ultimatum

September 1, 2007

Sam & Soph hid this funny picture in my email inbox as part of their attempts to escape Adultitis. Read the full post here.

I saw the movie on Thursday. It was fantastic!


3, 3rd, III, Three, Trilogy…

May 7, 2007

We saw Spiderman 3 on Saturday night with Bob & Em. I thought it was laughable and basically crap (as did our fellow audience members from the pervading chuckles and/or groans). I know the third installment is always difficult but I expected more. Gaps in storyline that were more like chasms and coincidences that had us incredulous. My brother Nic reckons I shouldn’t look for any basis in reality for movies such as these but obviously there’s only so far my imagination can stretch. Oh well. Hopefully you might enjoy it more by having lower expectations?

You might call me naive but my expectations are still high for the plethora of third installments released this year like Pirates, Bourne, and Ocean’s. I’m also anticipating the next installments of Die Hard and Harry Potter!