engage – SOLD OUT!

April 2, 2008

Engage tickets had sold out by 10am this morning! That is crazy!

Our MTS trainee called me to ask if I had a spare ticket – which sadlyI don’t. If anyone has a spare can you let me know. There’s a waiting list that any unpaid tickets will be distributed to after the 17th or something.

It’s going to be huge. Do you think they’ll put on a second weekend? How long are Carson and Driscoll in the country? KCC could have charged more – maybe I should sell our spares on eBay 😉


Gordo’s Thoughts on Music

November 1, 2007

Thoughtful post from Gordo about the music at ENGAGE and what it might mean for our churches. Read here.

ENGAGE was awesome…

October 29, 2007

… as those who went will tell you! Rockin’ music, challenging teaching, relaxed vibe (10.30 start), good food (Byron Bay cookies and Lindt chocolates) and encouraging fellowship (we took our Bible study group & stayed at the YHA with church crew). I also managed “a few” coffees from Fresh – very nice! Overall two thumbs up and looking forward to ENGAGE ’08! I threw together the photos and clips from my mobile below…


August 7, 2007

Engage (if you haven’t heard) is the latest conference to be added to the KCC line up. Our church (along with many others) is going as an informal group. We are going up with our Bible study group and all but one are coming, some of whom had never even heard of Katoomba conventions! This is really exciting as we are looking forward to some great teaching and a good time to get to know one another better! I especially looking forward to visiting Fresh for some fair trade delights after Sam & Soph’s recommendations and revisiting Blue Mountains Chocolate – yum!

Has anyone else heard the rumors about Engage next year?
– both Mark Driscoll & Don Carson are the speakers for next year!
– if you have tickets for this year you are guaranteed one for next year (possibly two)?

Also check out the Engage Blog. Some interesting thoughts especially one on “whether to buy or rent”? I commented on this one – check out the discussion here.

Link Me Up Matty

June 8, 2007

Sydney Beer Festival

Funny Google Maps: Atlanta, Georgia to Paris, France (scroll down to direction #19)

Engage Conference (KCC) open for rego

Facebook: I’m loving it. Reuniting with old friends from Africa. Cool!

Let me know what you think…