Victory & Defeat

October 6, 2007

Tonight I finished Halo 3 and then the Wallabies were beaten by the English in the first quarter final and eliminated from the Rugby World Cup 2007.



Halo 3 Released

September 25, 2007

It came out yesterday! I think I’ll pick up a copy on my way home tomorrow morning (Target have a sale!).

Pretty comprehensive review here – 9/10. Can’t wait!!!


April 1, 2007

I’ve borrowed a xBox 360 from a mate at work. Awesome graphics and the wireless controller is cool. However, the best thing is that Kate had a go at Top Spin 2 when Liz and Liam were over for dinner and loved it. I have a good feeling about this.

Bring on Halo 3!!!

Halo 3 Videos

February 6, 2007

I know I’m harping on about it but I really can’t wait. I’ve put together the best Halo 3 videos from YouTube ‘Channel Toose’ playlist. Check it out here.