Holiday mode

January 16, 2009

I’m still in holiday mode: cruising along at work; a bit of handyman stuff around the house; relaxing in the evenings; that sort of thing. I think it’s a bit of school holidays vibe which flows onto the traffic. My theory is that good traffic (if there is such a thing) means you’re more relaxed at work and it all flows from there. While I say this, it took me an hour to get home this arvo due to some hairyness on Concord Rd – boo! It’s funny how a stressful experience can have such an impact. Maybe I shouldn’t let it stress me so much. Triple J’s feature album this week is Fever Ray, they played a song off the album this morning during which I felt quite relaxed. It’s funny too that such a small thing can have such an impact.


I’m Back – I think

January 13, 2009

Hey, I’m thinking that I’ll start posting again after yet another hiatus. Obviously I’m back from New Zealand. We had a break up at Avoca for a week after my return which was great. Sort of a last holiday before Baby Toose arrives – 8 weeks tomorrow – woooo!

Since then I’ve completed the last of my assignments to finally end this hectic year of study. Now I’m struggling to keep on at work stuff instead of getting ready for the new addition to our family, which I think is fair enough.

In the mean time we’ve adopted my youngest brother Mish who at the moment is in the baby’s room while we try to clear the granny flat out the back for him to move into. It’s been nice to have him around.

I’ve also been getting into roasting with Sam and Guthers – we’ll be selling our coffee here soon. Watching lots of cricket, shopping for baby stuff and celebrating Jesus birth with family and friends, so a fair bit to keep busy with. I have a feeling there will be plenty more to blog about in the near future. Catch you soon.

Looking Forward

June 21, 2008

This last uni assignment is dead set horrible and it’s making me sick with anxiety – not a nice feeling. I used the word insurmountable to describe it earlier and it still fits nicely. We do however have things to look forward to:

Sophia’s baptism – in less than 10 hours.

Cooking on the Norwest Anglican young adults weekend away – next weekend. Check out the preliminary menu below.

Visits to the new apple store and Cordial.

Catching up with friends including Steve and Sam

School holidays for Kate – I think she’s planning on painting the kitchen in an attempt to move away from the groovy 1970’s / ‘Papa Giuseppe’s Pizzeria’ vibe we’ve got going?

I’m looking forward to handing this assignment in…

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Long White Clouds

April 23, 2008

We’re about to leave for the airport so I thought I’d keep my promise and just quickly make a holiday post. We’ve seen heaps. Done some awesome driving tours around the top of the North Island – Taupo, Rotorua, Coromadel Peninsula. Visited lots of geothermal thingys. Seen heaps of cows and only a few sheep?!? Paid an arm and a leg for petrol $2.17/litre – curse my right foot! Eaten great food. Drank a few tasty beers and a couple of decent espressi. All in all good times. See you very soon.

Holiday Photo #1 – Sophia

April 13, 2008

Scott & Kat have had a baby girl! Sophia Grace was born 2.30pm on Sunday 13th April. Praise God! She’s very cute and mum & dad are ecstatic (though a little tired & sore).

Just in time for holiday photo blogging:
She looks like she’s crying but she’s not (I’m not either, ok)


April 12, 2008

Just finished night shift and am now officially on Holidays. We leave for NZ tomorrow to visit my Mum and David plus tour the top half of the North Island. Looking forward to heaps of food, driving the MX-5 and ride on mower, seeing NZ in green & gold (I’m taking my Wallabies jersey), possibly skydiving?!? and hanging with Kate. Should be good times though I’ll miss my machine. Thanks to Mish for house sitting! Might do a post from the land of the long white cloud…

24 Live

April 11, 2007

How good is the current season of 24? How good is Jack? Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil if for you if you aren’t watching it yet (arming device, drones, former US President, consulate, terrorists – just a teaser – He he he!).

We’ve been rather annoyed at the stupid screening time channel 7 have chosen but tonight, because we’re on holidays, we’ll be watching it live! Yessssss!!!

We’ve also been enjoying Heroes and Lost.