If This Actually Happened…

June 3, 2008

I found this one while watching this hilarious video about a wedding cake. You’ll understand if you’ve ever been involved in a wedding in any capacity!


Medical Micro Drama Soapie

April 6, 2007

Drama, drama drama!

I get to work last night and walk through the car park to see one of the brand new car park lifts with it’s doors ripped open. I find out later that there were some people trapped in it – one of whom needed medical attention (of course). So when they found out the lift company couldn’t come to help until Tuesday (after the long weekend) they thought it might be a good idea to call the fire service to get all T1000 on the lift doors.

I reckon we could start up a little All Saints meets Home & Away action at RNSH (Really Not Safe Hospital) with all the drama we’ve seen lately. The past couple of days could fill out at least half a season with the way they stretch things these days. Maybe Channel 7 could give me a call?

What Ya Gonna Do?

April 4, 2007

Just got home from night shift (#2) and have another “had to post this” item.

I know it’s already on the news but last night someone ram raided my hospital. They were after the ATM in the foyer (either that or they couldn’t find a spot in the car park). One of the guys I work with was punched (he’s ok but has a massive shiner) before the bad guys scarpered!

I went down at about 4am to check it out and took a couple of piccys. Then the clinical support nurse had a go at me for “rubber necking” – I’m not sure why she was there though – maybe the police needed some ‘clinical’ support?!? When I was leaving this morning they had the tow truck sitting in the foyer next to the gift shop – bizarre!

As well as all this. On the way to work we stopped off for petrol where the attendant told me he’d been held up at gunpoint the night before – Kate later said she’d seen the police all over the place on her way home that night.

Bad boys! Bad boys! What ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you… (enough of my singing, I’m off to bed!)