Cow & Baby Cows

July 3, 2007

We went down to Bundanoon on the weekend with a group of friends to a farm belonging to one of the guys parents – for some photos check out Kate’s facebook album (if you’re her friend). For those that aren’t or who can’t be bothered here is a video I knocked up on iMovie of some cows and their very new and very cute offspring (some only a day old). I recorded it on my sexy new phone (more on that later). Check my skills of a videographer…



February 9, 2007

Whirlybird bought in November: $70

Tool belt as joke 21st present: Free

Cooler house for only half of summer: Priceless

I installed a Whirlybird Turbobeam this morning in an attempt to make the Toose Hoose a little cooler than the Sahara. Check out the awesome video below (it’s my first attempt at using iMovie – move over Portable People Productions)!