Amefufuka – He is risen!

March 23, 2008

Amefufuka qweli – he is risen indeed!

One of the few Kiswahili phrases I can remember from our time living in Tanzania. Easily recalled as I hear it every year on Easter Sunday from my family as we remember Jesus death and resurrection.

Jesus is risen from the dead. Read more here!



June 25, 2007

Very powerful skit from Winterfest in Knoxville TN. You need to watch the whole thing.
h/t Suzanne


April 8, 2007

Amefufuka kweli!

This is one of the few Kiswahili expressions I can remember from our time living in Tanzania. I remember it well as, unlike the rest of my Kiswahili vocab, I use it semi-regularly (at least every year). ‘Amefufuka’ translated means “He is risen!” and the reply “He is risen indeed” refering to Jesus Christ. This simple to and fro between Christians bring back great memories of Africa for me and helps me remember Christ’s death and resurrection for us all!

Awesome indeed!