Looking Forward

June 21, 2008

This last uni assignment is dead set horrible and it’s making me sick with anxiety – not a nice feeling. I used the word insurmountable to describe it earlier and it still fits nicely. We do however have things to look forward to:

Sophia’s baptism – in less than 10 hours.

Cooking on the Norwest Anglican young adults weekend away – next weekend. Check out the preliminary menu below.

Visits to the new apple store and Cordial.

Catching up with friends including Steve and Sam

School holidays for Kate – I think she’s planning on painting the kitchen in an attempt to move away from the groovy 1970’s / ‘Papa Giuseppe’s Pizzeria’ vibe we’ve got going?

I’m looking forward to handing this assignment in…

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Playing In PC Land

May 14, 2007

Back on-line after a momentary set back of the Mac giving me a ‘ghost’ IP address. My ISP was unable to help telling me the problem is at my end and if I had a PC they would be able to help me further. I should therefore call my supplier (or change computers – not happening). I called them again to see if I could find a Mac friendly Tech Assistant but to no avail.

So after 30mins of mucking around in ‘PC land’ I called Apple expecting to be hit with a hundred buck fee to regain phone support. I was pleasantly surprised to be given the complimentary (it was free) advice “restart you computer as the IP address is obtained on start up.”

Now online I can tell you that there’s a new Strong Bad email that’s pretty amusing.

Apple Rocks

January 27, 2007

Just finished watching Steve Jobs (Apple Inc. CEO) Keynote address from MacWorld ’07 where he announced and demonstrated the new iPhone.

Needless to say, I WANT ONE!

Check out some photos here.