Beautiful Machine

November 5, 2007

Pablo & Rusty’s (new website) just got a 3 group Synesso! A friend just had a go on it and was amazed at it’s beauty (well duh!) and how forgiving it was. I reckon it’d have to be one of the first in NSW?!?


1, 2, 3… I love coffee!

February 4, 2007

The past few days have been awesome. Three great coffees at three different cafes.

1. Pablo & Rusty’s – Gordon 1.2.07
Jem is now working here and has been well trained (h/t Sam). Don’t ask if the bean is Toby’s Estate – it’s their own blend (I made this mistake as their logo is very similar to Toby’s. Whoops!)

2. Campos – Newtown 3.2.07
I don’t think I need to sing it’s praises too much, just that if you haven’t been here – go! We went on the morning of Sam’s wedding (more on this later when I get the photos – it was exciting too) and weren’t disappointed.

3. Centro Cafe – Eastwood 5.2.07
I visited here this morning after dropping Kate off at school (h/t Guthers). Friendly and skilled Barista at a cafe less than 10mins from the Toose Hoose – Glorious!